Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've really got to stop doing this...

Alright, so it's been another week again. This is pretty bad! lol I only do this for myself so that way I can keep up with my life and see how things have changed and go back and laugh at myself for getting so stressed out over little things. Ahh... anyway. I guess I will recap my week!

Saturday: This was a fun day. Justin and I went out and about. We went to Sam's to just look around. We ate pizza there and it was good! I looked at all kinds of books, especially cook books. They are my favorite. Oh, and today was sampling day, so this made Justin extra excited. There was pineapple, shrimp, fish, chicken, cheesecake, cookies, and all kinds of other things. After Sam's we came home for a while before we went to dinner. I just did not want to cook so we had the Sonic dollar menu haha! So romantic! After that, we watched Taken. Oh my goodness, it is such a good movie. It's really sad that kind of stuff happens, but it's an amazing movie. I recommend it big time!

Sunday: Grocery day. Not really much to say about it.

Monday: Another day at Verner Elementary. There was sub today. She got nicer as the day went on, but she started out kinda snooty towards me. I don't think she liked me. But then she let me teach the math lesson and she wrote good things about me so that was nice. After that, I had to go to class. This class lasted longer than it ever has today. She apologized and let us go. After that, I came home and relaxed! I actually had no homework to do and I couldn't believe it. I just laid around and then it got dinner time and I made homemade pizza. It was good as always. I then took a shower and went to bed extra early!

Tuesday: Thank God for Tuesdays! I love Tuesdays. I only have to go to Verner on these days, then I get to go home. Today at Verner in 5th grade was the Writing Assessment. I couldn't be in the room while they administered the test because I am not a certified teacher yet, so I played Hall Nazi to the 4th graders. I had to make sure no one came down the hallway. Anyway, after the test was over I graded some papers and taught a math lesson. My teacher was back today by the way. She had to have some skin cancer removed from her hand and had surgery on Monday. She was miserable. She only had one hand to work with because the other one was so bandaged up, and it was her left hand. She doesn't write left handed, so she had me doing everything. I had no problem doing it though, I enjoyed it. I then got the morning message and notes on the board for her after school so that way she didn't have to do it on Wednesday morning. After that, I came home and took a long nap. I woke up to the news and it was sad news. It was about the 2 girls that got raped and it really made me mad. I hate when that happens. I then watched Seinfield. I normally never watch this show, but this episode was just hilarious! After that, Justin and I went to Zaxby's for dinner. There was a kitty cat out there that has been hanging out since December. I asked Justin if I could take him home, and of course he said no. Pffff. After that, I came home and went to bed very thankful that I get to sleep in the next morning.

Wednesday: Ahh, the day to sleep in. I had set my alarm for 9:30 because I really needed to get up and clean my house. It was disgusting. So, I had it set for 9:30. Well, apparently it went off and I thought it was set for my normal time of 6:30 which is what I set it for on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I just turned it off. Justin calls me at 11:30 and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was in the bed and to call me back after 9:30. He goes, it's 11:30! I was like, omg! So I jumped up out of bed and got a shower and got a little bit of stuff done before class. I then had to go to class...blahh! After class, Melanie, Bridgett and I went to the Ferg for lunch. I had Chick-fil-A and it was good of course! After we ate, we had to go to the library. I'm glad I did because I found lots of reading comprehension and math activities I can do with my 5th grade class. After that, we had to go to class. Class sucked as always. It's such a pointless class. I hate it. Anyway, after that I came home and I made some quick dinner and watched Criminal Minds. It was an okay episode, kinda stupid, which is rare. After that, I stayed up to do some homework and then went to bed.

Thursday: Today I had to get up early. Trixie kept me up at random times because she had a couple of seizures. I hate when she has those it makes me so upset for her. But, she finally quit having them and slept the rest of the morning. I had to get up at 6:30 to get ready for my 8:00 class which is another pointless class. After class, I came to work which is where I am right now. Julie is out because her daughter has bronchitis and some other issues so I am here all alone at the Aquatic Center. I am dreading going to math tonight...ughh! Maybe tonight Justin will take me to Pepitos. They have their Supreme Nachos on special for 3.99 tonight! Yay! We also have to go to Game Stop at midnight so he can pick up his midnight relase PS3 game. I cannot believe I don't remember what it's called, he has been talking about it all week. OH well. I guess I will post later and get an update. I hope everyone has a great weekend and has had a great week so far!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Has it really been a whole week?

I cannot believe it has been a whole week since I have posted. I have been busier than I thought! I guess I can do a quick recap starting with Sunday. This is going to be a long one, but it's for me!

Sunday: The Sunday ritual of grocery shopping. We went to WalMart to do our grocery shopping as usual. Just the same ole same ole. It wasn't an awesome day, but it wasn't boring. I started my paper this!! I also made some lesson plans to teach for Tuesday. We watched Fireproof this night and it was so awesome! It made me love my hunnie even more than I already do.

Monday: Thank God it was President's Day. I didn't have to go to Verner this day and it was much needed rest. We got up and enjoyed the pretty day and the lovely weather. I started to get my cold this day, and still have it unfortunately. I worked on my paper some more this day and got most of it finished. I finished up my lesson plans because I had to teach on Tuesday.

Tuesday: This was the longest day I could have ever imagined. It could not have ended fast enough! I took a picture with my class. We did one serious picture and one funny picture. My class is awesome. I taught my vocabulary lesson and my math lesson. I got a round of applause from both of them. It was kind of awkward because I didn't know what to do. We made homemade pizza this night and it was super yummy as always.

Wednesday: I have been dreading this day all week. My cold really started acting up on me this day on top of everything else. That horrible paper...yea it was due today. It was a complete waste of time and effort. I don't even know why we had to do it, but we did and it got turned in this night. I also had to take a quiz this night. Then, on top of that, there was a tornado warning and it started hailing while we were in class. It was pretty intense. Then, it calmed down, but as soon as class was over and I had to walk forever to get to my car, it came another downpour. Good thing I had my umbrella right? Wrong! The wind practically flipped it inside out so it wouldn't work. I got soaked. I got home and Justin was like, why are you so wet? So I was pretty ill about that too. We cooked lasagna this night and it was awesome. We also watched our favorite show, Criminal Minds.

Thursday: I had to get up to go to class at 8 this morning. It completely sucked as always. After that I had to go to work. It wasn't so bad, I got to do a lot of homework. After that I went to math class. I was dreading getting my test back, but I made a 96 on it so I was pumped! I still felt like crap though because of the cold. Justin took me to Zaxby's to make me feel better.

Friday: I had to get up to go to class this morning. We went and got more confused than we were coming in there. I hate that class. It's completely unorganized. They assign us all of these things and don't even know it. We asked them what one of the assignments meant and they said they have no idea what that even was and why we were asking that. OMG it's on the syllabus that's why! Anyway, they told us to throw a lot of things out which made me feel better. I then came home because we got out early thank God! I came home and Justin took me to lunch at Iguana Grill. I had the chicken nachos as usual and they were amazing as always. I had asked Justin last night if he would take me out to dinner tonight, and since he took me last night and today for lunch I'm thinking he's trying to get out of it. What do you think???

Well, that's all I have for now. I will try my best to post tomorrow. We are supposed to be going to Jasper to visit Justin's pawpaw. He just found out he has cancer and he also has to start dialysis soon so he needs lots of thought and prayer. Be back tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I started this day by waking up to an empty house. It was very shocking. Then I later got a phone call from Justin asking me what movie he should rent for tonight for our at-home Valentine's date. We rented a movie called 7 Seconds. It was good/weird. Anyway, he came in and had a bag full of treats for me for Valentine's Day. I got a cute stuffed doggy that says "I love you" and some candy, my favorite candy actually, Reese's Pieces! Well I then had to go to the store to get some stuff to make our at-home Valentine's date dinner. We had homemade Outback. I have been looking at recipes online for the Bloomin Onion and the Alice Springs Chicken. Well I bought the stuff and made it and OMG it is to die for! It tasted just like the real thing. I would like to thank it to my new Food Network pots and pans and utensils that I got for Christmas! Gah it was so good. Justin really liked it and was very glad I made it. Now he says we never have to go back again....but I don't know about that! ;) Anyway, we ate dinner and watched the movie. While the movie was on we cooked Justin's favorite dessert which is Blondie Brownies. It was the premade Duncan Heines kind in the freezer section. You just pop it in the oven and go. It was delicious. We served it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top, well Justin had caramel sauce. Justin told me this was the best meal I have ever cooked. I was pretty proud of it myself! This post is going to be short. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! So what did all of you do?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wild Week!

So this has probably been the longest week EVER! I am at work right now, and just realized that I haven't posted since Sunday. I've just been so busy between going to my schools, teaching lessons, making lesson plans, going to class, and studying, it's driving me crazy. So, I will do a quick recap.

Monday: Went to Verner for the 5th grade class. It wasn't too bad. It was actually a good day. All of the students were on their best behavior. Mrs. Todd (my cooperating teacher) got sick and had to leave. Another teacher came to sit in though so it was good. I got to leave early that day. I came home, completely exhausted as usual but cooked dinner. I made spaghetti. It was really good. After that, I took a nap on the couch with Trixie. I then woke up and cleaned the kitchen. Oh, and while I was putting stuff away in the refridgerator, Justin comes up behind me and tickles me which freaked me out so I jumped up and hit my head on the freezer and my shoulder on the freezer handle. I still have a bruise. I cried like a baby and threw a bottle of water at him. It's funny now, but at the time I was mad! I then went to bed because I had another long day ahead at Verner.

Tuesday: Got up early, went to Verner to spend the day with my 5th grade class. They were pretty bad today. I guess since they were so good yesterday they had to make up for it today. A momma came in, pretty firing hot mad at my teacher. It's a long story. Anyway, I had to get on to some students so that was fun lol! They are just so disrespectful to me because I am not their "teacher." Well I quickly changed that attitude! Then after that, I came home around 3:15. I sat around for a while making some lesson plans then made dinner. I made tacos and they are always so good! After we ate, we just sat around. I went to the desktop computer and did some homework (mostly Facebook though). After that I went to bed. I was just completely exhausted again. Nothing fun on this day.

Wednesday: Thank God I got to sleep in on this day. I really needed it. I got to sleep til 10. To some of you 10 may be nothing, but to me it was golden! I woke up, got a shower and got ready to go to class. It started raining when I was getting ready but it quit thank goodness. I went to my first class which is a super easy waste of time. After that, a lot of us went to the library to work on this not-so-quick take for Children's Lit. class. Then we went to the Ferg and ate lunch. After that we went to the dreaded pointless class. After that, I went home, made a cheeseburger, ate dinner and worked on my quicktake. I was so tired that I just went to bed and didn't even clean my kitchen. I am now wishing I did because it is a mess!

Thursday: Today has been good. I had to get up to go to my 8:00 class this morning. I hate that class, it's the Children's Lit class. I had to read a story out loud in a cajun voice. I couldn't stop laughing because it was just too hilarious. After class was over, I came to work which is where I am right now. I am trying to study, but took a break to check everyone's blog and update mine. Well, I guess I better go study. I have nothing at home for dinner so we'll see how that turns out. If anything exciting happens I will update!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today was another gorgeous day! I wish it would stay like this year round! It's so nice outside. So, today was the grocery shopping ritual. I started the day by attempting to make some lesson plans...yea right! Whenever I say I'm going to sit down to do something, I never do. Weird! Anyway, I then made a turkey and cheese grilled sandwich and it was really good. After that, Justin and I went to WalMart for grocery day. We bought some of the same ole same ole, but we varied it up just a bit. Tonight we made homemade pizza and it was so good. I even have some leftover that I can take to lunch with me tomorrow to Harvard Elementary....uhmm I mean Verner. It's not that I don't like my class or my teacher, I just feel uneasy. I have the feeling that I'm not going to get anything done and it's not my teacher's fault, it's the fault of my practicum placement lady. Why put someone in a 5th grade class that rotates? My friend is in another 5th grade class down the is she supposed to do any of her math lessons if she never sees her teacher teaching math? It's ridiculous. I think I am a part of the most unorganized, disfunctional major at the University of Alabama. It's insane! Anyway, enough whining. I've been getting my binder organized and trying to write things down in my planner. It seems like everything is coming up due all at once! Ahhh!!!! I guess I will have my meltdown and then get my act together. I need a personal assistant to hold my hand, tell me when to begin assignments, when things are due, etc. It's driving me crazy! Oh well, enough babbling. I'm about to get a shower and get ready for bed. I have to be at Verner bright and early in the morning tomorrow and Tuesday!! Oh, I have to do a read aloud too, pray that goes well. I'm also going to ask her if I can teach a Vocabulary and a Math lesson. This group she has, well let's just say I think she's a little biased. It's the smart group and she likes to only teach them. She's not really rude to the other classes, but she definitely isn't as nice. But anyway, wish me luck! Be back Monday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love Saturdays!

I haven't blogged in a few days so I will first start out by catching up with my week!

Wednesday: Wednesday was good. It felt so nice to sleep in. I had class at 1:30 so I had a pretty good morning. I went to class and we were only there for about 15 minutes, which is why I love it so much! After that, Melanie and I went to the Ferg like our typical Wednesday ritual and ate Chick-Fil-A. My chicken sandwich was so good! After that, I had to go to Graves Lab to type up something on my paper just to show that I am working on it. I just made up a paragraph because I haven't done anything. I'm such a procrastinator. I really should break that habit. But anyway, after that I went to the class that I like the least. It's a reading class, and I haven't learned a single thing. Jake, my brother, came down this night. He met Justin and I at Hungry Howie's for dinner. He's so funny. After that, we came back here and sat around for a while. I had to go to bed early though because I have the most dreadful class at 8:00 on Thursday mornings.

Thursday: I got up to go to that dreadful 8:00 am class. After I endured that torture, I had to go to work. I like my work. I don't really have to do anything and I can print out all of my stuff that needs printed out. So, I worked from 11:00-3:30 then went back to Graves to work on some homework that was due for my next class. This class always makes me giggly because by this time of the day we are all dilusional and start laughing and the silliest things. After this class, I met Justin and Jake and we ate at Mugshots. I love Mugshots. It's delicious! Jake was actually still hungry after his, he said he should have done the Mugshot challenge. He probably could have done it if he had longer than 12 minutes. After this, we came back home and I went to bed extra early. I was so sleepy from that long day.

Friday: Friday was February 6. On this day, Justin and I have been together for 5 years. We started dating on February 6, 2004. That's why all of my screen names that I use always have 2604 in it. Anyway, Justin and I went to Swen, which is a Chinese restaurant on campus. We had that for lunch, then after that Justin had to work. I went to the library on campus to get a book called Miss Alaineus. It's about a girl who misses school on the day the teacher gives out the vocabulary words. When her friend tells her the words over the phone, she interprets "miscellaneous" as "Miss Alaineus" and is trying to figure out who this Miss Alaineus is. It's a cute book. I also went to the public library to get some books. I have to read a ton of books to my class so that's why I"m getting these children's books. There I got The Math Curse, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, The Science Curse, and something else that I dont' remember. But these are all very cute books. I can't wait to teach lessons from them. Then I went to WalMart to buy some cookies and stuff to make the Double Doozie icing with like the icing from Great American Cookie. I made those for him since he is a cookie monster. He came home as I was getting ready. He liked his cookies for sure! I finished getting ready, then we went to eat at Santa Fe. It was so good last night. Maybe it was the occasion, but it was really good! After that, we went to Movie Stop to rent a Blu-Ray. We rented 88 Minutes. It was so good, you should watch it!! Then I went to bed because I was exhausted again.

Saturday: Today has been the most gorgeous day! It's so nice to have weather in the 70's today! We went to MidTown to go to lunch. We ate at Iguana Grill and let me tell you, it's delicious! I had the chicken and cheese nachos. Justin had the enchilada lunch special and he didn't like it that well, but it wasn't bad he said. My nachos though were to die for. After that, we walked around Mid Town for a while since it was so nice outside. We then returned the movie, and came home. We took Trixie outside to play since it was so pretty outside. She likes the warmth, but hates the wind. So we came back inside and she is now laying in the sun staring outside. That's as outdoorsy as she gets. She's not a fan of the outdoors. Tonight I think we are staying in. We have been going out all week and are tired of it. I think we are going to have homemade pizza. I love homemade pizza. I think I will also work on some lesson plans. Well, that's all I really have to say. There is my week in a nutshell. I will be back tomorrow.

This was us before the movie. Justin was already in his pj's!

Justin took this one when we got in.

Miss Trixie outside

Miss Trixie and Me outside

Justin and Trixie playing outside

Miss Thing is much happier inside!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tiresome Tuesday!!

I am completely exhausted! I have a new respect for the profession of teaching. Teachers spend all day doing things for students, standing up, teaching, making copies, making accommodations and at the end of the day no one cares! It's very exhausting and it has wore me out, and I only have to be there for 2 days! Today was a good day though. I got to introduce myself to more of the students so that was nice. They are starting to talk to me more thank goodness. I want them to talk to me, not just think of me as "that girl that walks around." I had a bunch of random students tell me that they like me though lol! It was so sweet. This one girl just looked at me and said, "I like you Ms. Wilson." It just melted my heart. I heard another group of girls talking in the hallway saying, "I like Ms. Wilson. She's so nice and very sweet, and I like her nails." lol Kids are so funny! But, nothing interesting today, just a post so I can keep up with myself!

Monday, February 2, 2009

First Day in Fifth Grade

So, the first day of 5th grade went pretty well. Of course, of all days it decides to rain, it would rain today!! I had a poster, was dressed nice, and had tons of things to carry inside and it's coming a monsoon. But, I finally made it inside and anxiously awaited the arrival of the Verner 5th grade. I came in, signed myself in at the office, and then went to the 5th grade hall. It was a nervous walk. Would I like my teacher? Will the kids like me? Do my clothes look okay? I hope I don't say something stupid! Just tons of thoughts going through my head. Well, I finally made it down the hall, her classroom is at the very end of the hallway. All of the other Student Teachers went to their classrooms and I could hear them introducing themselves to their teacher. Well, I get to my room and what do ya teacher isn't in there! Talk about nerve wracking! I just paced around, walked around, I didn't know where to put my things so I just held them and looked around the room. She has pictures of her grandchildren behind her desk and they are just absolutely precious!! So, she shows up. She was trying to make some copies and the copier was broken so that held her up. She came in and was apologizing for not being there when I got there. She is so sweet, she reminds me of my MawMaw. She had me a little desk set up next to her desk so I got to sit there.

Soon after that, the kids started piling in. These kids are so cute. I was expecting them to be much bigger than they actually were. They seemed to be really bashful around me, but I'm sure that will change soon. These kids are like so smart. They are doing 8th grade math because they are bored with 5th grade math. I nicknamed the school Harvard Elementary lol! Today was a crazy day, there were so many schedule changes and Mrs. Todd apologized for it. It's fine though, that's how school is! So, the first day went good. I am so exhausted after being there all day, but I would much rather be there than sitting in class all day! But, I will be back there tomorrow and I will update you on Day 2 of Harvard Elementary! lol

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Weekend

So, this was a good weekend. I haven't updated since Friday so I will start from there.

Friday: Well, the day had finally come. The day that I found out my placement. I was scared/nervous/anxious/excited all morning. I got my strip of paper and *tada* 5th grade at Verner Elementary. I am very nervous about 5th grade, but Verner is an amazing school so I'm sure it will be wonderful. I really want younger kids like 1st grade, but I am looking forward to spending the semester in 5th grade so I can see how that is also. Who knows, I might just fall in love with it. So, after that I went to work for a girl so she could go back home to Montgomery to get her car. I only had to be there from 1-3 so it was okay. After that, I went to Movie Stop in MidTown to rent a Blu-Ray movie since we now have a Blu-Ray player in our PS3. We rented Lakeview Terrace. I then came home and sat around for a while enjoying the pretty day and some peace and quiet with Trixie. Justin came over at 5 and he played around on his PS3. He really likes it, and yea it's pretty neat too. After sitting around for a while, we decided to go to Los Tarascos to eat dinner. I had the usual, chicken chimichanga with cheese dip, and Justin had the Tarascos sampler and it was good too. We then came home to watch the movie. It was kinda confusing on how to get it started because we have never watched a movie on Blu-Ray before but Justin figured it out. The movie looked amazing it was like super HD. The movie was pretty good but kinda weird. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. After that, we played around on the PS3 and I made a character. It's pretty neat. I went to bed after that because we were going to Jasper the next day.

Saturday: Saturday morning I woke up and got ready to go to Jasper. I had to go get some tax information to fill out my FAFSA stuff. I got to see my PawPaw and it was nice to see him. Trixie just loved him up. He loves her too. The more he talked to her the more noises she made. It was too funny. After that, I went to my mom's house and visited with them. We looked at some old pictures and laughed a lot! It was a fun day. I love getting to go see my mom, but after being up there for a little bit I am ready to get back to Tuscaloosa. So, we came back to Tuscaloosa. Justin played his new games that his parents bought him. He must really enjoy them because he was on them all night. I made some White Cheddar Shells Pasta Roni and it was not very good. I ate a little bit of it but then had to quit and I just had Coco Pebbles instead. They're always good. I went to bed really early last night because I was just so tired. I sat around and made an idea for my introduce yourself activity for my 5th graders.

Sunday: Today is Sunday. I got up pretty early this morning. Justin and I went to Popeye's for lunch today. Mine was good and Justin's was not. They were so rude to Justin for some reason, but mine was perfect. I guess it was my lucky day. After that we went to WalMart to do the usual Sunday grocery shopping. I had to buy some things for my activity. I will post a picture of it at the end of the blog. So, we bought groceries and other things then came home. Now we have just sat around all day. I made my poster and got my activity together and now I'm just sitting around. I need to find out what I'm going to wear tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold. I'm not sure what we will do for dinner tonight. Maybe cajun shrimp and chicken alfredo pasta. That's always good. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be delicious as always!

Activity: For my activity, I am bringing in a roll of toilet paper to my classroom. I will walk around to each student and tell them to take at least one sheet but no more than four. Then I will go back to the front and tell them that for however many sheets they are holding, that's how many things they have to tell me about theirself. After they get done, I will have them play a game with me called 2 truths and a lie. I will say 3 things, and they have to guess which one is the lie. I made little cards that will have all of my information on it. Once we are done with that, I will let them ask anything else about me that they would like to know. Then I have made a poster board that has pictures of everything that I like, which is also the correct answers to the 2 truths and a lie game. So this way they can look at the poster any time they want and see all of the things that I like to do or just like in general.